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Hi Teacher, The class is very helpful. we are learning new terminology every week and we are improving our communication skill. Thank you so much! Appreciate it.
Apna Ghar Referral
Our classes are very helpful for me, I really love the way we are learning, our teacher, his responsibilities, respect and his hospitality. So I think class is very helpful for me. Thank you for asking.
Apna Ghar Referral
Hello, The class is going well. We having conversation on different topics and he correct my mistakes which is very helpful for me.
Apna Ghar Referral
They truly are blessing. Ali Khan is very informative, communicates super kindly, very patient and helpful. They really treat you like a family and we are very grateful.
Apna Ghar Referral
Thank you very much for the classes, what I have learned and study during the week. GOD BLESS YOU.
Heartland Alliance Referral
Hi, I'm very happy with the teachers and I've learned a lot and put a lot into practice too. Thanks
Heartland Alliance Referral
Estoy muy agradecida por su buen servicio a personas que en este momento necesitamos, es realmente un servicio humano y lo que más marca el servicio es la gran amabilidad con la que fui atendida por parte de usted y su equipo de trabajo. Muy agradecida por el bonito servicio humanitario Gracias estoy satisfecha con su servicio cosas donadas.
Heartland Alliance Referral
Good morning, Humrelief has been/is supporting me with a lot of things such as food,toiletries and helping me with tutoring for my GED. Am grateful for them to be helping me in times like these.They are quick to listen and caring also I have been recommending them to some of my friends here in Rogers Park.
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