Hunger Relief


This program is divided into two parts


We are one of the very few charities that does mobile distributions every week in the city of Chicago! Volunteers and staff members drive around all areas of the city, mostly the south and west sides, to distribute care packages to the homeless and asylum seekers. Packages include meals, clothing, hygiene products, etc.

Donations are purchased or donated to Humanity Relief through businesses and generous donors like you!


We also temporarily provide groceries to the families of the homeless, refugees/asylum seekers and domestic violence/trafficking survivors after resettling them (furnishing their new empty apartments and providing basics). 


Life Skill Development


Our mentors and teachers are certified and experienced in working with refugees and domestic violence/trafficking survivors. After our clients have been resettled our teachers and mentors work with them both one on one and in-class to not only develop English reading and writing skills but to also improve their resumes and job interview skills!

Click “TESTIMONIALS” on the top bar to see the reviews of our resettlement clients who chose to join our Skill Development classes!

Printers, laptops and temporary internet connections are provided upon request to students who attend class regularly.

Typically, these resettlement clients are referred to us from partnered charities that run transitional housing and shelter programs. Please contact us directly to submit an independent request. In order to qualify you must provide documents that will support your case. Police reports, UNHCR identity documents and T visa copies are a few examples of supporting documentation.

In Kind Gifts


Items such as hygiene products, cleaning supplies, electrical appliances, school supplies, etc are typically donated.

In-Kind gift donations are added to care packages distributed to the homeless or provided to resettlement families.

Monetary donations are encouraged from donors exclusively providing goods due to the fact that pick up/drop off and sorting/cleaning of In-kind gift donations requires funding and volunteers.

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