Hunger Relief


This program is divided into two sections


We are one of the very few charities that does mobile distributions in the city of Chicago! Volunteers and staff members drive around all areas of the city, including the south and west sides, to distribute meal packages to the homeless. 

Both perishable and non-perishable food items are donated to Humanity Relief through corporate sponsors, fellow charities and generous donors like you!


We also temporarily provide groceries to the families of refugees, domestic abuse victims and single parents after furnishing their apartments.  Families being resettled must have adult members enrolled in our Skill Development program explained below!


Life Skill Development


Our staff mentors and volunteer teachers are certified and experienced in working with domestic abuse victims and refugees. After assessing each client we work with them both one on one and in-class to not only develop English reading and writing skills but to also eliminate their accents!


We also provide computer courses to our clients  to improve their odds of obtaining employment. Clients may take both ESL and computer courses together if needed.

In order to qualify you must provide a copy of your SNAP, LIHEAP or an official referral from a charity, government or religious organization. 

In Kind Gifts


Donations such as clothing, hygiene products, furniture, medical equipment, electrical appliances, school supplies, vehicles, etc are usually donated however PLEASE CONTACT US TO VERIFY WHAT IS CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED!

In-Kind gift donations will distributed to the homeless alongside our Hunger Relief packages and be dropped off to the families of domestic abuse victims, refugees and single parents. 

Monetary donations are encouraged from donors exclusively providing goods due to the fact that the pick up/drop off and  sorting/cleaning of such donations requires funding and volunteer labor.


In Kind Gifts

Disaster Relief Program

Most people don’t stop to think how they would cope with the financial burden of reconstruction after a natural disaster has destroyed their home.

Humanity Relief will be collecting monetary donations year round for our Disaster Relief program. Items such as flash lights, first aid kits and non-perishable food will immediately start being purchased if a natural disaster is expected to occur. Donations are shipped to parts of Illinois and if necessary to parts of the nation that have been struck by natural disasters!